Waterbury Teacher Association Contract Negotiations

Our most recent communications 1/1/16:

To: Waterbury Board of Aldermen

We are  writing you to request that you postpone the vote on the WTA contract on 1/4/16.  You have a total of 25 days from (12/16/15) to vote on the stipulated arbitration award.  That means there is still time for you to request, review, and present to the public the important documents related to this contract.

If you are voting solely on a nebulous $5 million savings on healthcare costs then you are making a mistake.  Then ask a teacher if they understand how the changes specifically affect them; and you’ll find out they haven’t been informed of the nuances of the new contract; and how the changes were negotiated, mediated, or arbitrated.

We have prepared a comprehensive document for you to review.  It contains reasons to postpone the vote, and more importantly legitimate reasons to reject this agreement. We also included documents that offer academic, researched-based evidence to support a vote to reject.

Let these questions guide your decision making.

  1. How is the current state of the Waterbury Public Schools improved by this new contract? 
  2. Fiscally can the city sustain a 9.6% salary account increase with no tangible mechanisms in the contract that would eliminate wasteful or redundant spending, based on the school districts difficulty to provide equitable educational experiences for all students?
  3. Should taxpayers, who can barley afford the current tax rate, be asked to pay more for school a district that struggles to reform itself?


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