Our Team

Robert M. Goodrich (he/his/him)

Co-Founder and Director of advocacy, operations, and development. Robbie believes that White Supremacy and institutional Racism are the root cause of the systemic failures by schools to provide liberatory educational experiences. Contact Robbie to find out how you can join us on the front lines fighting for racial justice in our schools. We can provide civics or advocacy training for you or your organization, guide and consult with you or your employees in developing racial equity frameworks as well as designing and implementing culturally responsive practices in all educational settings. If you want to become a supporter of RACCE send him an email: Rgoodrich@racce.net

Arlene Garcia, Ed.D. (she/her/hers)

Co-Founder and Director of training, education and qualitative strategies. Dr. Garcia is a steadfast advocate as well as a clinician of therapeutic practices that assist folx in healing from the trauma we all experience from working for/in/with systems of oppression. Arlene has created and provided training for a myriad of professionals on cultural competency and racial equity. Email Arlene to find out how you or your organization can join one of our trainings or affinity group cohorts. Agarcia@racce.net

Michaela Barratt- Youth Organizer

Michaela is a Waterbury Public Schools and UConn alumnus. She became passionate about fighting for social justice when she learned how the various systems in our country purposely perpetuate inequality and disadvantage minorities. She is working with RACCE to aid in the fight for racial equity by organizing and advocating for culturally competent educational practices for BIPOC students. She fervently believes that until all children are given the necessary and appropriate resources to be successful, this country will never be what it claims to be. 

Email her at mbarratt@racce.net to get involved in the fight for racial justice in our schools.

Christian Acevedo-Student Organizer

Christian is currently a senior attending Crosby High School in Waterbury.

I chose to work at RACCE because I was tired of not being provided with the resources needed to succeed in a white capitalist society. I joined RACCE because I was tired of feeling like I couldn’t do anything. I joined RACCE because I want to make sure that no POC has to endure racism from the police especially minority students. RACCE is the organization that will help me bring change to Waterbury and that is why I joined the team.

Email them at cacevedo@racce.net to get involved in the fight for racial justice in our schools.

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  1. I recently met Robert Goodrich and became very interested in what you are doing regarding in your hometown. I’m happy to learn your issues.


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