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R.A.C.C.E’s latest work in the community.

Community Forum Series Yields Powerful Experiences and Troubling Revelations

On April 30, 2019, RACCE convened its last of four community forums by hosting a student round table. Students ranged from 4th grade to 11th grade. Students discussed their concerns on school climate, school-based arrests and school resource officers, and the overuse of school suspensions by the Waterbury Public Schools.

RACCE Hosts Waterbury Student Round Table-April 30, 2019: Join US!

Join us on Tuesday night to listen to Waterbury public school students discussing the state of our schools from their perspective. The round table will be guided by RACCE staff. Parents, community members and members of the press are invited to attend. A private strategic advocacy session will take place from 8:15 to 8:45 pm. See you there!

Sign the Petition: #StepDownTVS Waterbury Board of Education Commissioner Exhibits a Large Degree of Racial Insensitivity…”

Waterbury Board of Education Commissioner Tom Van Stone’s recommendation to eliminate two of ten annual federal holidays for our schools because students have chosen to sit during the Pledge of Allegiance exhibited a large degree of racial insensitivity and complete
disregard for students’ rights protected under the Constitution.

Waterbury and the School-to-Prison Pipeline: We Demand Police Free Schools

The school-to-prison pipeline is not just a school-based issue. When the data is hidden from the public and the applied solutions don’t work the school-to-prison pipeline becomes a public safety issue as well as a public health issue. School-based arrests disrupt learning, damage student-teacher relationships beyond repair, and cause trauma that permanently harms students and bystanders.

RACCE adds Professional Development Series for Non-Instructional Staff. Starting February 6, 2019

Simply stated if all we advocate for are student-facing school reform strategies then we will never achieve racial equity in our schools…Working in schools, being parents of students, and as advocates, we wholeheartedly agree that educators must be emotionally and physically healthy themselves in order to help students develop social and emotional competencies…This is why we are launching a 10-Session professional development series that operates more like an affinity group than traditional training.

Malloy’s Veto: Let It Stand, Public Act No. 18-89 Hurts More Than It Helps!

Malloy’s veto allows our lawmakers to complete the difficult task of constructing meaningful and comprehensive legislation during a full session in 2019… If we are serious about increasing educational access for all children, closing all opportunity gaps, and ending the school-to-prison pipeline our elected officials who have expressed a sincere desire to promote education equity should allow the veto to stand…

Lessons Learned: Advocacy, Resistance & Hiring the Next Superintendent

We are moving forward.  We are excited about the increased level of awareness in our community about education equity or the lack of it.  We have been and continue to be motivated as well as passionately committed to challenging systems of oppression. … Read More ›

BCREC 2017 Wrap-up and Follow-up

BCREC 2017 was RACCE’s first annual two-day conference hosted in Waterbury with Waterbury educators, parents, and students.  The goal was to provide a safe space for each stakeholder group to address educational dilemmas and envision solutions for myriad issues affecting… Read More ›

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