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R.A.C.C.E’s latest work in the community.

Malloy’s Veto: Let It Stand, Public Act No. 18-89 Hurts More Than It Helps!

Malloy’s veto allows our lawmakers to complete the difficult task of constructing meaningful and comprehensive legislation during a full session in 2019… If we are serious about increasing educational access for all children, closing all opportunity gaps, and ending the school-to-prison pipeline our elected officials who have expressed a sincere desire to promote education equity should allow the veto to stand…

Lessons Learned: Advocacy, Resistance & Hiring the Next Superintendent

We are moving forward.  We are excited about the increased level of awareness in our community about education equity or the lack of it.  We have been and continue to be motivated as well as passionately committed to challenging systems of oppression. … Read More ›

BCREC 2017 Wrap-up and Follow-up

BCREC 2017 was RACCE’s first annual two-day conference hosted in Waterbury with Waterbury educators, parents, and students.  The goal was to provide a safe space for each stakeholder group to address educational dilemmas and envision solutions for myriad issues affecting… Read More ›


Attention: Waterbury Educators, Parents, & Students Register Now!!! #RACCE We are hosting a two-day conference on December 2nd & 3rd, 2017. This two-day event is a unique professional development and community building opportunity, and we hope you will join us. It’s… Read More ›

#ProsperNotPrison: Waterbury Public Schools Eliminate Out-of-School Suspensions for Dress Code Violations

On Thursday, October 19, 2017, our Board of Education voted to affirm a new district policy created by district leadership that eliminates out-of-school suspensions as a sanction for dress code violations.  To be clear, this is great news! 

Parents, Advocates, Activists, and Community Members Respond to Mass Suspensions at Wilby High School

In a single day, despite there being no systematic evidence that suspensions help maintain a safe learning environment or deter future misbehavior, the Waterbury Public Schools chose to suspend 156 Wilby High School students for not adhering to dress code… Read More ›

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