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R.A.C.C.E’s latest work in the community.

Town Hall COVID Relief Funding For Schools: Turning Community Voice Into Action Plans

Tonight, June 22nd at 7pm Millions of dollars are being given to our school district. How should it be spent? We will begin building action plans that are directed by students, parents, and educators’ expertise so that we can present… Read More ›

RACCE Supports Environmental Justice Legislation Through TCI-P: Organizing, Designing and Advocating For Racial Justice

In Waterbury our community is overburdened by disaster sites also known as brown-fields, commercial vehicle pollution, and emissions from solid waste processing plants. Our neighborhoods are also severely underserved by a public transportation system built for a city much smaller… Read More ›

Waterbury Superintendent, BOE, and Policing: Police Free Schools Campaign and #STOPtheMOU Updates

Over the years we have engaged school board members, school district officials, and the mayor about the cruel and racist impacts policing has on our BIPOC students in Waterbury. Despite the evidence our schools have just signed a new agreement that increases policing in our schools.

Devan Must Resign: Waterbury BOE Commissioner Has Been Asked to Resign, Will She?

Naugatuck Police Officer, Amanda Devan must resign her position as a Waterbury board of education commissioner immediately. The Waterbury community has agreed with us and signed our petition demanding she resign. If the people’s voice isn’t enough we have more reasons.

Naugatuck Police Officer Appointment to Waterbury Board of Education is Steeped in Anti-Blackness

Mayor O’Leary appointed a police officer to our board of education this week.  We understand several parents of color who are active in our community offered their time, intellect, and expertise to become a board of education commissioner. Their offers… Read More ›

The Revolution Will Not Be Rained Out: Rallies for Police Free Schools Will Continue Across Connecticut

On September 10th, we organized a day of action to advocate for police free schools in Waterbury and we were met with obstinacy from city leaders as well as rain, lots of it. A small but fierce crowd assembled at… Read More ›

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