Black Girls Summit

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The Black Girls Summit is a community event focused on identifying the socio-cultural phenomenon behind the behavior trends of our Black and Hispanic female students and revealing the institutional response to these trends. Increasingly girls of color are “pushed-out” and “over-policed” by the institutions that are supposed to be the ones providing support and opportunities to overcome the barriers to equality. During this summit we will unveil the tacit relationships girls of color have with institutions they have contact with on a daily basis.  We will explain the roles that implicit and explicit bias play in determining the outcomes of these interactions between girls of color and institutions. While we seek to understand the local implications of these phenomenon we will attempt to unmask the national trends.  We will do this by detailing “BLACK GIRLS MATTER: PUSHED OUT, OVERPOLICED AND UNDERPROTECTED,” which was produced by the African-American Policy Forum.  Having already assessed Waterbury Public Schools disaggregated discipline data R.A.C.C.E. will present the data and its importance.  In the afternoon we will engage panels of school professionals and community members on how to find solutions for our girls of color.  Our goals are: to promote a greater community understanding of how girls of color interact with their schools, develop community roles and responsibilities that decrease school discipline frequency for girls of color, and solutions we can take to our policy makers. 

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