Join RACCE in taking action to demand a cleaner and more just transportation for Connecticut!

Connecticut has the opportunity to invest in a transportation system that prioritizes communities that live on the frontlines of poverty, pollution, and the climate crisis. Senate Bill 884 can help achieve this by adopting a transportation program to cap carbon emissions and generate $89 million per year for clean transportation programs but must secure stronger equity commitments first. During the spring legislative session, legislators took an important step by committing 50% of proceeds to communities that breathe the dirtiest air and lack access to quality transit. The bill passed the Senate Environment Committee but did not reach the House. Moving forward, legislators have the chance to ensure SB 884 includes essential equity guardrails. Send a letter to your legislators today in order to ensure this transportation program supports cleaner air, greater decision-making power, and high-quality jobs for those who need it most.

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