Town Hall COVID Relief Funding For Schools: Turning Community Voice Into Action Plans

Tonight, June 22nd at 7pm

Millions of dollars are being given to our school district. How should it be spent? We will begin building action plans that are directed by students, parents, and educators’ expertise so that we can present them to Waterbury’s board of education and school district officials.

June 22nd | 7pm Register Here:

Moderator: Michaela Barratt, Youth Organizer

Panelist: Shareka Cooper, parent, activist, organizer, and CEO of UpLifting a Life, a Waterbury-based youth-centered organization.

Panelist: Elizabeth Brown, parent, former state legislator, and current Waterbury BOE Commissioner.

Panelist: Dr. Jess Turner, an educator-activist and Director of the Literacy Center at CCSU.

Student Panelists: Thomas Bishop and Elise Taylor

COVID relief funds should be invested directly into students, educators, staff, and programming, not property, which should be maintained and upgraded by a capital improvement plan. We must use COVID relief funding in ways that directly address the rampant inequality that our schools perpetuate year in and year out.

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