Naugatuck Police Officer Appointment to Waterbury Board of Education is Steeped in Anti-Blackness

Mayor O’Leary appointed a police officer to our board of education this week.  We understand several parents of color who are active in our community offered their time, intellect, and expertise to become a board of education commissioner. Their offers were ignored.  

As an organization we advocate for police free schools.  Adding a police officer to our board of education is very problematic and signals to us that the mayor is planning to increase police presence and policing in our schools.  Our schools already arrest more students every year than New Haven, Hartford, and Bridgeport combined.  We are an Alliance District and our students, especially our Black and Brown students are severely under-resourced and without culturally sustaining classrooms and schools. Despite this Mayor O’Leary continues to drag our schools backwards by increasing racist school policing tactics.

“This choice by O’Leary creates more distrust, grows agitation, and slows school transformation in Waterbury…”

We object to this appointment of Officer Devan because:


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