Office of Child Advocate Report Reveals Problematic Practices of Policing in Waterbury Public Schools…

Waterbury Public Schools use police and arrests to manage student behavior. This is a racist practice. We have known this for too long. We are demanding #POLICEFREESCHOOLS. Our research, reporting, and advocacy to stop Waterbury’s school-to-prison pipeline suggests nothing less than a district out of control and ill-equipped to provide a liberatory educational experience for Black and Brown students. White Supremacist culture stains almost all of the school district’s practices and what it defends, especially its deeply intimate relationship with the police.

“Over a two year span the Waterbury Public Schools used police-led interventions nearly 2000 times and effectuated more than 500 student arrests (2018 2019).”

Watch the Waterbury police officers testimony at minute 52 where he states there were 687 police-led interventions in 2017-18:

Watch this video of Chief Spagnolo at 1:11 and hear the amount for 2018-19 1100: 

An independent state agency known as the Office of the Child Advocate report affirms almost all of what we have been advocating for and desperately fighting to end here in the Brass City. Here are the key findings:

Read the report here: 

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