RACCE Statement On Police Violence In Waterbury: Fire Chief Spagnolo and Drop the Charges for All 28 Freedom Fighters! *Warning* Video of Police Violence

The violence and misconduct of the Waterbury Police Department is well known and has for far too long gone unchecked. Too many families and individuals have had their lives altered in permanent and horrific ways because of the behavior of this rogue agency. On May 31, 2020, 28 Freedom Fighters were assaulted, arrested, and then subjected to inhumane conditions as well as cruelty by Waterbury police officers while in lockup. Last Sunday was organized to recognize the brutal death many Black and Brown folx experience just like George Floyd did. They think our community’s rally for racial justice ended with multiple military-style attacks coordinated by the Waterbury police on freedom fighters. The battle has just begun and we have coordinated with, supported the #Innocent28, and are organizing a call to defund and decouple the Waterbury Police Department from its power and sources of legitimacy. In short, we believe in the abolition of policing and replacing it with systems of public safety that are culturally responsive to the dilemmas our communities combat every day. #DropALLCHARGES

Take action by emailing and calling the folx responsible! See below!

Want to join us? Email us at Info@racce.net

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