#EveryOrganizationEveryCity: Letter to Connecticut Mayors and Superintendents Urging Better Management of Resources, Community Partnerships and Equitable Access to Education/Carta a los alcaldes y superintendentes de Connecticut pidiendo una mejor gestión de los recursos, asociaciones comunitarias y acceso equitativo a la educación

RACCE started surveying local families and students the day schools were shuttered due to COVID-19. In real-time, we were able to capture what families in Waterbury were experiencing. Most families were impacted in ways we couldn’t predict. However, we found that nearly all families were struggling financially, lacked food security, were without access to the internet, and were unable to provide support for their children who were receiving mental health services from school professionals.

School professionals and city leaders have been able to triage some life-altering and in some cases life-threatening predicaments.

We then found out that families, students, organizations, and mutual aid networks were attempting to close the same gaps of support across Connecticut. For a month we convened meetings with folx across the state who are impacted directly by school closures, educators as well. The Sign-On letter represents this careful and time-consuming process that leads us to believe that school districts and city leaders can and must manage our resources better. We can do that together by establishing clear lines of communication as well as cooperation with the folx who can and who are sharing resources with each other already.

#SignOn #EveryOrganizationEveryCity

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