#ShareMyCheck: RACCE Launches Stimulus Check Donation Platform for Waterbury Students Cutoff From Online Learning by Digital Divide During School Closures

Pledge all or a portion of your stimulus check to help close the digital divide in Waterbury where hundreds if not thousands of students are cut off from critical web-based announcements, college prep, on-line learning, and mental health supports.

Schools closed March 12, 2020. During the last month, the number of families who stated they were cut off from critical web-based communications, on-learning and mental health supports has nearly doubled from 30-52. This was a small sample size of 200 Waterbury families. We estimate that it could be thousands of students who are cut off.

The digital divide is a term that describes the conditions that cause and explains the impacts of not being able to connect to the internet. During a global pandemic, this could mean death.

Over the last month, we have received a total of six donations (3) Chromebooks and (3) tablets as well as enough cash donations to purchase one additional tablet. We were able to share those with six families and 13 students.

Decisions to share devices with families are made by our team based on need and date the family filled out our survey. To ensure racial equity BIPOC families are being prioritized.

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