COVID-19: RACCE Assisting Waterbury Families During School Closures with Technology Donations

We now know that at least (30) families need laptops or tablets so that their children can access the supplemental online learning opportunities being offered by the Waterbury Public Schools. The schools also have their own technology survey, we urge you all to take it. Follow the directions to below to contribute to our technology drive.

The Waterbury Public Schools will be shuttered until April 20, 2020, but Governor Lamont indicated that it is likely that schools will be closed until the Fall. This is good policymaking and will flatten the curve. This will keep us all safer, especially our youth. As we bolstered ourselves, families and communities for the impact of longterm school closures we need more and better policymaking that improves access to mental health supports for students, food security, and technology for students who require it to have equal access to distance learning plans.

Systemic racism and bias will not leave us during this public health crisis and their impacts will most likely get worse. White Supremacist culture prioritizes whyte folx, rich folx, and straight folx over everyone else and this is who has had the best medical responses, the best food options, the best access to educational opportunities, and mental health supports during the COVID-19 school closures. Our mission is to fill the gaps between resource-rich institutions and mutual aid networks sharing life-giving and life-saving resources.

We started surveying Waterbury families immediately after the school closures started. To date, over 140 families responded and a total of 190 students’ experiences have been cataloged. We have enough information to understand that families in Waterbury need money, food, mental health supports, and access to the most critical communications coming from the school district in their native languages.

RACCE’s first response to our families’ requests for laptops or tablets is an AMAZON WISHLIST so that motivated and charitable folx can purchase them. Make sure you choose RACCE’s GIFT REGISTRY ADDRESS for delivery.

Once we receive the laptop or tablet we will deliver them to families in need. If you choose to you will be connected to the families and students who are using your gift through a private phone call or ZOOM meeting facilitated by us. Individuals can contribute immediately through #VENMO: @RACCE or #PAYPAL: and you can also send a checks to our fiscal sponsor Achieve Hartford, 1429 Park St, Unit 114, Hartford, CT 06106 ATTN: RACCE/TECH

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  1. I would like to know how I can apply for a laptop. I have 3 kids 1 in 6 grade 1 in 10 and 1 in 12 grade. We don’t have any laptop and only rely on my cell. It’s very hard. Can you please send me some information at Thank you

  2. Hello, I have a child at school and there is no computer at home, only work is done from my cell phone

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