An “Alert” style announcement was made on the Waterbury Public Schools website and it indicates they will be closed to at least to March 31, 2020 following Gov. Lamont’s executive order closing all of Connecticut’s public schools. (The school district website is confusing as it still has March 20, 2020, as a date for last day being closed-they should make it more clear…

It is our position that our school district must be able to provide equal access to educational opportunities, especially for ELL and SPED students-NO matter if the opportunities are online or paper packets. Our positions are informed by common sense, anti-racist pedagogies and the law. (See the CDC Guidance) We have the educators in Waterbury as well as the funding to use to make strategic decisions that are both ethical and meet the safety concerns of the current public health crisis. As a first step, all press releases and online curriculum instructions must be translated into the native languages of all students-if they haven’t been already. It is difficult to ascertain whether or not this is available. Students who have an IEP or a 504 plan can ask for increased accommodations, such as a “distance learning plan.” Look at our instructions in the image to left or download the pdf.

RACCE believes that our advocacy efforts should not stop but we will be smart and meet the safety precautions that are being acknowledged as best practice. However, parents and students have rights. Our city and schools must acknowledge the precarious situation we are all in but must make it a priority to address and respond to our students who require structural as well as technical assistance in different ways, especially ELL students and SPED students and families. Download the PDF to view the guidance from the CDC.

Finally, as a frontlines organizations dedicated to providing mutual aid and support or connecting our families in Waterbury to aid or support available we will be conducting neighborhood check-ins towards the end of this week. Sign up via the form below to join us in our solidarity and accountability pledge. We will reach out to folx who sign up by Wednesday night.

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