RACCE Statement on Waterbury Public Schools Closing…

Waterbury Public Schools Closing

Our City and Schools Must Continue to Provide Educational Opportunities, Food Security and Community Healthcare to Students in our Neighborhoods.

Mayor O’Leary and Superintendent Ruffin will be shuttering our schools immediately due to the public health crisis associated with COVID-19. We believe this to be the right decision.  We believe the city and schools must find innovative and appropriate ways to respond to all of our student’s needs during this public health crisis.

Therefore, we demand that the city and the schools provide adequate online or home-based educational opportunities for all students, provide breakfast and lunch for students in our neighborhoods, and keep community healthcare options at our schools and in our neighborhoods accessible to all those who need it at no additional cost to parents or students.

During the closure a lack of equal access to educational opportunities will be a problem that Black, Latinx, ELL, poor, and SPED students will be burdened by the most. Access to some free resources can be found here: AMAZING EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES and were shared by Lisa Loomis-Davern

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