RACCE’s Team is Growing: Ala Nzambi Ochumare Joins RACCE as Our ABAR Organizer

RACCE is excited to make this announcement. We are officially notifying folx we have upped our game by making this strategic move to hire Ala as our ABAR Organizer (Anti-Bias Anti-Racist). The addition of an experienced and smart strategist with a tool kit as big and refined as Ala’s will only add depth and nuance to all of our work, especially organizing motivated folx in Waterbury to fight on the front lines for racial justice in our schools.

Ala’s organizing philosophy is as follows:

“I am a commitment to co-creating holistic black and brown centered liberated spaces. Your liberation is directly connected to mine. ”

Learn more about Ala here: Our Team

Her commitment to building at the speed of trust will allow her to build deep meaningful relationships around RACCE’s mission and vision as we challenge systems of oppression.

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