Alliance District Funding Usage, Lack of Race-Matched Classrooms, and the School-to-Prison Pipeline Continue to Produce Racist Outcomes…

Join us this Tuesday February 4, 2020 at 6:30 pm to plan and set in motion our strategies to advocate for more teacher diversity in Waterbury. Or email us to join our online advocacy network:


In Waterbury, millions of dollars are being invested to improve the education system. However little has been done that has increased racial equity in our schools. The district and the board of education seem to be mired in a pattern of self-preservation and defensiveness that prevents the level of risk-taking needed to fully pursue racial justice in our schools. We can break that pattern-TOGETHER!

Waterbury Public Schools spends two times as much on placing police officers in our schools than they invest in teacher diversity efforts.

Our highest performing high school (Waterbury Career Academy) receives more funding per pupil from the Alliance District Grant than does our worst performing high school (Wilby).

Waterbury has the largest percentage gap between Black and Latinx students and teachers when comparing it against similar districts in the state.

In 2019-20, Waterbury Public Schools didn’t hire a single Black male teacher out of over 100 new hires.

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