UPDATE: This event has been rescheduled to November 16, 2019… Its All Connected: A Collaborative Effort on Environmental Justice in Waterbury/ Está todo conectado: un esfuerzo de colaboración sobre justicia ambiental en Waterbury

In September RACCE and Chispa CT will be collaborating and providing advocacy training here in Waterbury. Combining our expertise in education advocacy and Chispa CT’s expertise in environmental justice has great potential and is a natural fit. Waterbury has long suffered from large amounts of pollution and hazard-filled brownfields that impact our students in ways we have just begun to count. Waterbury is filled with passionate and smart young folks that will lead our city to the next chapter of educational, environmental, and economic success. This is why we are providing technical support and training on these very important issues all of us are confronted with while living in Waterbury. Students aged 14-20 yrs old are invited to attend. There are only 20 spots for this training, so hurry up and register.

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Chispa CT is a program of the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters dedicated to building the power of underrepresented communities to achieve climate justice, energy equity, community health, and environmental protection through grassroots organizing and civic engagement.


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