RACCE adds Professional Development Series for Non-Instructional Staff. Starting February 6, 2019

We agree that school professionals should be tasked with promoting and supporting the social-emotional welfare of students.
Who is promoting and supporting the social-emotional welfare of our school professionals?

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED… We have a small waitlist. If you wish to be put on the waitlist please send us an email and we will let you know if a spot opens up. Send an email to info@racce.net

The short answer to that question is not very many. According to Aspen Institute’s Pursuing Social and Emotional Development Through a Racial Equity Lens: A Call to Action “merely ensuring more equitable resource allocation won’t ensure that schools are affirming of students’ background and cultural and linguistic heritage.” Simply stated if all we advocate for are student-facing school reform strategies then we will never achieve racial equity in our schools.

Most school reform strategies are on track to fail because they don’t include professional development that assists non-instructional staff to (1) identify and address the physiological and psychological fatigue that results from working in oppressive work environments; (2) supports the development of positive racial identities for staff; (3) provides tools to identify and address White Supremacy in our workplaces; (4) trains and coaches school staff on how to implement race-conscious decision-making metrics and (5) increase the ability of school staff to become effective advocates for racial justice.

Working in schools, being parents of students, and as advocates, we wholeheartedly agree that educators must be emotionally and physically healthy themselves in order to help students develop social and emotional competencies. This is why we are launching a 10-Session professional development series that operates more like an affinity group than traditional training. Participants will be paid a stipend, have one-to-one coaching and be supported in ways that build new competencies that each professional will be able to bring back to their workplace. Spots are limited. Click here to REGISTER…

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