R.A.C.C.E. Presents Testimony to C.H.R.O. on Waterbury Public Schools Educator Hiring Practices

“The racial disparity among teachers also makes closing the achievement gap nearly impossible. Although Waterbury has partnered with regional educational non-profits to recruit minority teachers, little has been accomplished. Over the last seven years, Waterbury has hired 1059 white teachers, and in the same time frame 89 Black or Hispanic teachers were hired. It is imperative that the district formulates policies and implement programs that result in greater hiring and retention rates of non-white school professionals.  

The disparities between white and non-white teachers has a negative impact on this district, which is concerning and multi-tiered. First, the district’s current hiring practices aren’t effective and have resulted in huge disparities that benefit white teaching professionals. This has been a longstanding trend in the Waterbury school district.”

Dr. Arlene Arias, Co-founder of R.A.C.C.E.

“Our goal tonight is to provide a road map for the commission to continue its inquiry. We have submitted written testimony that pinpoints the type of schools that have failed to diversify their respective staffs, failed to increase the number of Black and Hispanic educators, and those types of schools that have allowed their respective staffs to experience a decrease in diversity. 

The individual schools that have had zero non-white educators, and those that have maintained less than two Black or Hispanic educators are also easily noticeable. This is a good place to start.  However those schools that have experienced net losses of Black and Hispanic educators is where your inquiry should start. We are prepared to speak with the commission at a later date to discuss our findings.” 

Robert M. Goodrich, Co-founder of R.A.C.C.E.



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